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Rent A Soft Skin Car

Afghan Logistics & Tours also provides a wide range of transportation solutions from vehicle rental on short term or long term basis, minicab service and airport pick-up. All our drivers speak English & are well-trained professionals who know the city well. Our solo purpose is to get you to your destination safely and on time.

ee a description of what we can do for you below.

All vehicles of our fleet – whether for touring or rental – are subject to the same stringent quality control. Please see Our Vehicle Policy for details.

Car Rentals

Our vehicles can be hired for any purpose, with driver or without.

You may chose to hire a car from Afghan Logistics & Tours for self-driving in Kabul, on a daily or monthly basis. Our company will provide you with complete maintenance service. Any time your car needs maintenance, refueling or washing just give us a call and we will service you within 30 minutes.

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Below please see photos of our rental vehicles.

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Terms & Conditions :

  • All quotations can be provided with and without fuel, maintenance and driver salary.
  • For a translator/ fixer and, guide enquiry the charges would be according the clients level of requirements, we can provide different level of skill translator/ fixer and guides at a different level of price charges, on daily and long term bases.
  • The vehicle rental rate in Kabul city would be a fixed rate on daily, monthly and long term, but the vehicle rental rates for out site of Kabul will be based on distance of the trip and period of enquiry. Please contact our office for long term contracts rental rates & other information on all our services (Rates are negotiable for long term rental of vehicles).
  • Due to the current volatility in oil-prices, our rates may be subjected to change at point of rental.

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Minicab Service – Kabul City

Need to get somewhere in Kabul after a meeting or after a night out with friends. Why ruin your day by dealing and hassling in order to find transportation in Kabul. We're operate a very prompt and exclusive Minicab service that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our time management and organization will ensure that you reach those meetings or social events punctually and without worrying about the transport back all you have to do is call us and we'll be there. Let us take the responsibility to take and bring you back safely and happily all over Kabul. (Minicab services is not applicable for airport pick up)

Below are our minicab rates:

Rates of our 24 hours taxi / mini cab services for our Toyota Corolla cars are 10 USD per pick up within the central parts of the Kabul city, and USD 20 per pick in the following areas: the south of the city, which is defined by the Jalalabad road; the west of the city which is defined by the Old Palace; the north of the city which is defined by Khair Khana; and East which is defined by the New Road which leads to Bagram air Base.

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Airport Pickup

Taxis are nearly impossible to find right outside Kabul airports as they do not have a special security clearance pass. Our exclusive airport pass-card enables your personal driver to be ready and waiting before you land to drive you and your luggage to your preferred destination.

Our Exclusive Airport Pickup Rate: 
Kabul International to CITY: USD$20
CITY to Kabul International: USD$20 

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If you're in Kabul City a simple email, phone-call or text message and we will be there to drop you off in the airport.

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