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Maintain A Car

Afghan Logistics Auto Maintenance Workshop is part of a group of seven expanding companies, and we have been in auto trade, rental and maintenance business since 1980, having over 30 years of experience in auto business we have noticed that dealing with autos will not be possible without having an auto workshop which be well-equipped and would have very well trained mechanics, therefore we have established our own auto maintenance workshop , if you want to have an hassle free auto for yourself, your organization or company, then contract the maintenance of your own, organization or company auto with us, we provide the best and reliable both maintenance, pickup and delivery services for you.

We provide the following services and solutions for our valued clients

  • Auto Denting
  • Auto Painting
  • Auto Mechanical work
  • Auto Wiring
  • A Special Service for Embassies, NGOs, Companies, and International entities
  • Our services for Insurance companies
  • Our services for officials who have full time job

Auto Denting

Our denting workers have worked many years in this field we use modern denting tools, and they know how to take care of your vehicle denting that the dented part of the vehicle should not be different than original surface after the job is done.

Auto Painting

Auto painting is very sensitive and it is always very difficult job, painting is always very hard in each season cold and hot weather therefore we have got our own painting boat, which controls the weather purity and temperature anytime and will give us the best atmosphere of painting and it is 100 % safe for nature and life environment.

Auto Mechanical work

An engine is the most important part of the auto and nowadays it is very complicated to fix its failure therefore we have got very well trained mechanics, and we use the diagnostic computers to trace engines problems and failures, we easily get the coding translate them and find out the problem of the auto engine within a few minutes where most of the other auto workshops cannot find them manually for hours, and finally they end up with causing lots of other problems for your vehicle, using our workshop will be hassle free and we will get your car fixed without any headaches and running around for parts.

Auto Wiring

Auto wiring is very important part of an auto we always use the diagnostic computers to trace the wiring failures of an auto and we get them fixed professionally, we provide the following wiring services

  • General wring diagnoses in case of mass wiring failure
  • Key Programming
  • Air Bags Programming
  • ABS programming
  • Engine Control programming
  • Beam lights programing
  • Water flood auto total wiring change
  • Others upon request

A Special Service for Embassies, NGOs, Companies, and International entities

We know your time is very important for you, and you have to give most of your time for your administrative works, and meetings, therefore we make your life and business easy for you, contract all your damaged auto painting, auto denting, auto wiring, and auto mechanical works with us we will do both maintenance, pickup and delivery services for you if you are too much busy we can help you with purchasing of auto parts too.

Our services for Insurance companies

As we are in auto maintenance business for more than three decades we can easily get your insured vehicles repaired on time anytime, and surely we will give a very competitive rate too, your clients satisfaction is your mission

Our services for officials who have full time job

We know that you do not have time to go to auto maintenance workshop to repair your auto, we have the solution for you, contract the maintenance of your auto with us, once you arrived in your office we will come to your office door steps and get your auto from you, we repair its problems and bring it back to your office before you get out of your office in the late afternoon, if your auto does not get fixed within one day we will give you a loaner vehicle till your own auto is fixed, if you be our regular customer or contracted client as an added value we will provide you 24 hours a day 7 days a week roadside assistance in case your auto get failed on the road, just call us if your auto get failed on the road, we are just a phone call away from you , we will come right away tow your auto to our workshop and give you a loaner vehicle , if a loaner vehicle do not be needed we give you a ride to your destination, and we will take care of the rest of the job.

Note: for roadside assistance we kindly request you to consider the traffic Jams and your destination till we reach you, we really appreciate your patience at that moment in advance.

We appreciate your business and support

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